Zuphyr Manpower Services Inc. (ZMSI) (formerly AAVA Crew Manager’s (Phils.) was established on September 27, 1999 with its primary goal:

“To efficiently conduct crew recruitment, processing, documentation and dispatching in a cost effective manner and to ensure that duly qualified officers, engineers and ratings are properly trained, documented (certified/ licensed), medically fit in accordance with local (Philippine) and International Maritime regulations, are dispatched to join Principal’s vessels”.

The company started as a single/private proprietorship and has now become a duly established corporation to meet the demands of the International shipping community. Its senior management team is duly qualified and has extensive experience in the ship’s crewing industry as well as other related ships operations. Its technical staff has the educational background as captains or chief engineers and has extensive experience in various ZMSI’s (AAVA’s) shipping operations.

With Capt. Rey A. Dinglasan as President and General Manager up until 2021, we have met the expectations of our partners throughout the years. He has long years of experience in all aspects of maritime business (i.e. technical, marine and crew management) and with total sea service of 19 years in various type of vessels. He commanded as Master on an Ocean going Oil/Chemical Tanker at the young age of 27 (1989). After six (6) contracts as Master, he was employed by a Japanese Ship Owner as Marine and Technical Superintendent and Crew Manager at the age of 33 in Japan from 1992 to 2004. Capt. Rey’s legacy onshore and offshore will always be remembered.

Our primary goals and quality plan performance include, but are not limited to: Efficiently conduct crew recruitment in accordance with Principal’s safety and quality requirements as well as training and documentation. We applied following KPI’s to monitor our level of quality operations:

  • Meet optimum number of crew onshore: 10% for Critical and 30% for Non-critical position
  • Preparing Crew for Deployment
  • Pre-deployment Documents using the established company checklist
  • Only All genuine certificates and no waiver
  • Zero complain from Principal with regard to Medical
  • Securing crew documents
  • Deployment
  • Process Monitoring and Tracking
  • Travel arrangement
  • Embarkation of Crew
  • Disembarkation of Crew

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